Trail of Herts

Trail of Herts 2015

Congratulations to our winners Tom Boland and Melissa Arkinstall (who set a new course record!), and everyone else who took part. Please click here to download the full results.

Trail of Herts 2015

Trail of Herts is a 55 mile trail race starting in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, heading East and South East along trails using parts of The Chilterns Way, Hertfordshire Way, Chain Walk, disused railways and canal and riverside paths. The race finishes in the centre of London.

Trail of Herts Trail Race

For more information contact Cliff King at or 07977 486919.


The beautiful market town of Berkhamsted is set deep in the heart of the Chiltern Hills, in the county of Hertfordshire, with the Grand Union Canal passing through it.

It is very accessible from all areas of the country with major motorways and mainline and local rail services passing through. A fast train from London Euston leaves every 10 minutes and only takes 30 minutes. There are many options for accommodation within Berkhamsted and surrounding areas.

Way marked

An online interactive map is available to use through your mobile phone or similar device and can also be printed off for use. The entire course will be clearly marked with red and white reflective tape prior to the race to assist all runners and for countryside care, the tape will be removed after the last runner.

Baggage Transfer

One bag per runner can be passed to the race organisers at registration. The bag must have attached to it bag label clearly marked with your race number. Your bag will be delivered to the finish for collection.

Kit and Clothes

We expect the weather to be mild at this time of year, but heavy rain could happen, and if you are running into the evening, appropriate clothing and kit should be worn/carried. We recommend you wear trail shoes.

Hazards and Rules

This is trail race (97% of the route) so it may be uneven and muddy underfoot. The route will be clearly marked with red and white reflective tape for the entire race, but you must be responsible for ensuring your whereabouts and navigation at all times.

You must be aware of road crossings, stiles, gates and private land, and respect other walkers, runners and users of the trails.

Getting Lost

You are responsible for your own safety and care and navigation at all times. The course is clearly marked and public services are close to the entire route. If you have a problem out on the course, you can call the Race Director.

Night-time running

The race will begin in daylight and a lot of runners will finish in daylight, but as the sun goes down a number of runners will need head torches to complete the race. Please ensure you have this with you when setting off from the start if you think you will need it.

Buddies and support

We don’t envisage buddies being needed on this race, but if you feel you will still be running as it gets dark and would like a buddy to accompany you, they are allowed to join from Checkpoint 5. They will not be allowed to join a runner before this point!

There will be 7 well stocked checkpoints, as well as marshals at all strategic and required points along the course, ensuring your safety and navigation, and of course encouraging you. Support teams will not be required. But if you do want friends or family to support you, please ensure they respect the route and other runners, and don’t block or interfere with Checkpoints, or any of the race route.


There will be 7 checkpoints along the race course each between 4 and 9 miles apart providing food, water, sweets etc. These will be manned by experienced runners and non runners, who can help you with timings, race information, and nutrition.

Each checkpoint will have a cut-off point and these will be enforced for all runners’ safety and the checkpoint captain’s word is final. If a runner does not reach the checkpoint by the cut off time they will be asked for their race number.

Dropping Out

We don’t want you to drop out, but if you are injured or run out of time, you must inform the director that you are withdrawing. Do not leave the race without informing the director by phone or at a checkpoint. We are not responsible for your travel to and from the race. If you do drop out, we can try and help and support getting you to the end or the nearest public transport.


A number of the organisers and volunteers are first-aid qualified and can assist with basic medical help. The route passes a number of major towns all with hospitals:

  • Hemel Hempstead
  • St Albans
  • Hertford
  • Tottenham
  • Islington

The Finish

The finish is at the end of the Eastern arm of the Regency Canal where the canal meets Islington tunnel opposite Eagle Wharf, next to the Narrowboat pub. The final cut off time for all finishers is 10pm (13.5 hours final finish cut-off).

The finish is right in the heart of zone 1 London, with public transport very close by. Angel Tube, Kings Cross and Euston are all nearby.

Hot drinks and food will be available at the finish, along with a covered area to change into fresh warm clothes.

Race Goodies

TRA technical t-shirts will be given to all finishers.

The Route

The first half of the race is undulating, passing through the Chiltern Hills, taking in stunning views, very old and historic churches, amazing disused railway lines, and great places of interest.

The second half of the race flattens out, running along side the manmade but beautiful New River, built to provide drinking water from Hertfordshire to the growing Victorian London. It then moves onto The Lea Valley canal right down to the Olympic stadium, before turning west passing through the much revived East End.

Fun and enjoyment

Remember we are all doing this as it’s fun, and really enjoyable, whatever standard of a runner you are, it must always be fun, so smile enjoy the amazing environments you will pass through, look at all the history you will see, take an interest in fellow runners, support and encourage each other if and when you can.


Results will be posted onto The Trail Runners Association website within 48 hours of the finish.


On race day there will be many, many people helping to make the race an amazing day, and a race we are sure you will love and remember.

Please also remember all helpers at the start, finish, road crossings, and checkpoints are volunteers, and doing this in their own spare time. Many of them are experienced Ultra runners giving something back, and some winners of many races. Lots are from local running clubs, and some are not runners but just offering support. So please be polite and say hi and ask how they are doing, they will support you and encourage you making it the best day they can.

Trail Running Association


All enquiries should be referred to Cliff King at or 07977486919.


Trail of Herts 2013

Trail of Herts 2013 was a great success. Congratulations to our winners Lewis Patching and Laureda Tirepied. Please click here to download the full results.