Running Training

The Running Lab at the Health Hub

If you wanted to learn how to swim, surf, ski, play tennis or golf, you would have coaching sessions in order to develop the correct techniques and skills to help you to achieve success. The same is true of running – lessons are required to learn, perfect and master the technique that will enable you to become a more skilled runner in a shorter period of time, with less likelihood of injuries and without the frustration of the trial and error method.

This is where the running lab can help. Cliff will provide an initial full running assessment which includes:

  • Video analysis of technique in current footwear
  • Kinematic (running shape) identification
  • Understanding the natural human walking and running biomechanics and how we are designed to move
  • Running micro skills assessment and training using barefoot technique drills and exercises
  • Personal progression plan
  • Video analysis and coaching of your new barefoot running technique.
  • Advice on Barefoot running and lifestyle shoes (which you can purchase at the hub running shop).

This will be followed up with skills and technique training sessions both in and out of the gym, as well as running sessions driven by current or future running goals, focused on posture, rhythm and relaxation.

For more information, see or contact Cliff King on 07977 486919, email


  • £75 for a Running Hub efficient running and injury analysis appointment. This will also cover training techniques, kit recommendations, footwear options, motion capture and discussion of style and proprioception and bio-mechanics.

Payments by cash or by cheque made payable to The Health Hub, or by direct bank transfer, which can be discussed.

Just email or call 07977 486919 to arrange your first session or appointment.